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Morning has broken

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25 year old single mum. Photographer. Hippie.
Stephanie Says...
"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." -Ghandi
About A Girl About My Journal (Before you add me)
My name is Stephanie, I'm a divorced mom to two wonderful and nutty girls. My life has been rough up to this point but I wouldn't change a thing. Every twist and turn has made me into who I am and helped me discover strength I never knew I had.

I love reading, my xbox, photography, and webdesign.

My Links:
ohoyo-photography.com - my website
my deviantART

♦ I work nights and I'm crazy busy when I'm not sleeping. I don't comment on every post my friends make although I do read them all. I don't expect my friends to comment on all my posts, either.

♦ I do not participate in discussions about abortion nor politics. I may post about the former every now and then; you are entitled to your own opinions but I ask that you don't try to engage me in a debate. If you post about one or the other I probably won't comment unless I agree with your stance wholly. I've made this "rule" of sorts to keep it friendly between myself and all my girls here.

♦ I'm a mother but my posts are about my own dramas (aka boys, work, ect.) This is one of the few places where I can express myself as an individual outside of motherhood. Every so often I'll be glad to share something my girls said or did along with some pictures.

♦ I'm a Christian and deeply entwined in my faith. I may write about it from time to time and I don't expect you to comment. However, this being my journal, I'm not going to censor my feelings on any topic for the sake of my readers.

One more thing...
If you want to be my friend, through better or worse, then keep me. I don't do friend cuts just because I'm bored (or at all) and if this is something you indulge in then my journal is not for you.

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